3 Simple Changes To Your Website Can Pull In 226% More Customers:

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“The recommendations Gary made for my website were great. Who knew simple changes could make such a big impact on my bottom line.” — Tommy Fay. Fond du Lac, WI

Let My Website Profitability Audit Show You How To…
1) Keep Visitors From Clicking Away
2) Persuade Your Visitors To Become Great Customers
3) Attract The 26% Of Customers That Most Websites Ignore

Sound Familiar?

“Why am I not getting enough traffic?”
“Why are visitors clicking away so soon?”
“Why aren’t customers buying my products?”

Let Me Show You What Needs To Be Fixed!

You probably spent thousands of dollars creating your beautiful website and are extremely proud of it, as you should be. Yet it can be somewhat baffling when your site doesn’t get the results you were hoping for.

 Did you know that 68% of your web visitors leave within the first 6 seconds because something on your website is confusing, unusable, or not persuasive enough to turn them into customers?


Optimizimg Your Website Can Increase Your Traffic By 226% Or More!


These 3 Steps Will Fully Optimize Your Website:

Profitability Audit

First, I’ll perform a full Website Profitability Audit to show you which parts of your site need improvement.

I’ll identify the exact problem areas with your website content and usability that can confuse visitors and cause them to click off your website.

B2B Copywriting

Next, I’ll examine the actual content on your website. The proper words on your website can not only attract more visitors from the search engines, it can also give your visitors a great User eXperience (UX) which increases their chance of becoming satisfied customers.

ADA Accessibility

Finally, I’ll perform an ADA Accessibility check. Did you know that websites must now be ADA Compliant for the disabled or face huge lawsuits?

Attorneys are suing hundreds of non-compliant websites dailyThis is a new goldmine for them and your website is in their crosshairs.

Let’s Get Started!

When I perform a complete Website Profitability Audit on your website, I’ll show you exactly how efficient your website is at promoting and boosting your business.

I’ll be checking the home page, plus whatever additional pages you want, on your website manually to see what the User Experience is like, how your content reads and persuades your visitor, and what improvements need to be made to keep your visitors on your website and guide them through your sales process.

Finally, I’ll check to see how Accessible your website is to disabled customers, protecting you from expensive ADA Lawsuits.

Audit Pricing: $995 – $2295 (depending on number of web pages)
Accessibility Pricing: As low as $49 a month or $490 per year

Fill out the form here and I’ll send you an estimate and an invoice which you can pay through the trusted PayPal Payment System. 

If I don’t think your website can be improved any more, I will let you know. No Charge! 😉

Within 3-5 days after payment is received, I’ll send you a complete PDF file on the changes that need to be made PLUS a proposal on making the actual changes for you.

If you are technically knowledgable, you can make the changes yourself.


example: www.GaryFranz.com
List the pages you want audited, plus any additional messages.

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