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  • The Disabled Can’t Use 96% of Websites?
  • Disabled Advocates Are Suing Hundreds Of Websites Daily?
  • There’s An Easy Way To Protect Yourself?

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(ADA = Americans With Disabilities Act)


This Is A New Goldmine For Lawyers And Your Website Is In Their Crosshairs.

And lawyers aren’t doing this by themselves…

Advocates in the disabled community are working in tandem with law firms around the US. They are grouping together to find websites that aren’t fully ADA compliant or are using ADA plug-ins, and targeting them with ADA lawsuits and demand letters. They’re demanding equal accesss to all websites for disabled people.

Want To Help Those With Disabilities and Protect Your Business?

Graph of ADA Lawsuits

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ADA compliance refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design, which states that all electronic and information technology, including  websites, must be accessible to people with disabilities, which can account for 26% or more of your potential customers.

Businesses like yours are now being sued daily for not having the tools that enable those with disabilities to use your website. If a disabled person complains about your website, you may soon be receiving a letter from an attorney.

“It’s like seeing a disabled person outside your business and locking the door so they can’t come in. 

That’s what’s going on.”

Let’s fix this!

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Get My $97 ADA Compliance Report Absolutely FREE

Just fill out the form below and I will send you a my $97 ADA Compliance Report absolutely FREE. It will show you the compliance errors on your website, if any.

And, if you know how to code websites, you can do the remediation yourself. Or I can make the changes for you – better, faster, and for a lot less

Manual website remediation can cost $5,000 – $20,000+ and can take weeks to complete.

We’re different…


The Latest In AI Technology

We use the latest in Artificial Intelligence Technology to keep your website compliant on a daily basis, no matter how many changes and additions you make to your website… no matter how many updates the ADA, or any other international body, makes.

This is the first simple, affordable remediation solution that achieves worldwide compliance.

This way we can charge a lot less and do a much better job – and you can sleep better at night.

picture of artificial intelligence

Don’t Use Website ADA Plug-ins!

Most ADA plugins put an overlay menu on your website and are very tempting to use because they are free or very low cost and are simple to install.

Also, it is easy to mistake them for a real solution, as their websites are often misleading, claiming to “enhance” accessibility and provide a “framework” for compliance.

The problem is, they are lawyer magnets! Lawyers use them as as a targeting mechanism; finding sites with ADA plug-ins and serving them lawsuits because they know those plug-ins don’t work – they’re less than 20% ADA compliant.  

Below Is A Sample Of The Report You’ll Receive.

Sample Of Compliance Report You’ll Receive

Compatible With These
Worldwide Compliance Standards

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Ready To Get Started? It’s Easy!

Just Fill Out The Form Below For Your FREE Website ADA Compliance Scan And Detailed Report

frequently asked questions
  • Does this protect me from lawsuits?

    Absolutely! We turn inaccessible websites into WCAG and ADA compliant websites. But not only that, we provide you with a Litigation Support Package, in case you need to prove your compliance, and guide you through the process.

  • Is this GDPR & CCPA compliant?

    Yes. it complies with all major data protection regulations, including GDPR and CCPA. Moreover, we do not collect any personal or identifiable data, only structure, and behavior.

  • How is this different from accessibility plugins?

    This service is the only AI-powered, automatic solution in the industry today that is proven to make websites fully compliant and beat legal cases. We fully certify and protect your business from litigation around the clock.

  • Does this affect loading speed?

    Absolutely not! Our service loads asynchronously with your website. Meaning, that the browser loads your website in parallel with our background operations, and does not wait for this to load or process anything.

  • What website platforms do you support?

    This service can be integrated into any CMS and website building platform. To mention a few: WordPress, Joomla, Squarespace Shopify, WiX, BigCommerce, Volusion, Magento, Concrete 5, Weebly, and more.

  • Does this service cover all accessibility requirements?

    Yes! It covers the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) version 2.1 at the AA level success criteria, and in certain areas even level AAA. This is a step beyond what legislation requires. 

Here’s How Our Accessibility Interface Works

Click the blue icon at the lower left of this web page to see the front-end of our Accessibility Interface. This covers about 30% of the needs of disabled people. Great interface, huh?

The other 70% is covered by the back-end AI Application which enables standard screen readers and the most-used input devices for blind and deaf people. Plus, it keeps your website constantly updated. See how powerful this new AI Technology is?

Why Choose Us As Your Remediation Company?

I have partnered with AccessiBe, one of the largest, most advanced remediation companies in the world, and can offer you discounted pricing levels to give you WORLDWIDE compliance, not just American compliance. (Canadian, European, Australian, and all other worldwide compliance levels are included.) And whenever any of these compliance standards are changed, you will automatically be updated.

1) Most remediation companies offer several pricing tiers to choose from, but the lowest tier is always a teaser price that only offers a limited number of services. You have to pay a 2nd or 3rd tier price to get all the services you need to be fully compliant.

95.6% of my clients fall into my 1st pricing tier and have all the services I offer. Nothing is held back. And my first tier covers any website up to 1,000 pages

2) Most remediation companies charge you by the number of Page Views you receive. That’s not fair to you.

I only charge for the number of web pages your website has, no matter how many page views or number of visitors you get. This way you never have to worry about your costs increasing. You pay only One Flat Rate – that’s it!   Pretty good, huh??

3) Some companies charge you about $300 for the first tier pricing, but YOU have to make the changes to your own website manually. So you’re basically paying $300 a year for a list of compliance errors.

I give you my Detailed Compliance Error Report for FREE, so you have the option of making your own changes if you want (or I can do it for you, quicker). And you can request this report whenever you want. No obligation. No pressure.

4) Most other companies only do monthly scanning at this first tier price level.

ALL of my Pricing Plans include DAILY AI Technology Scanning and Correction of accessibility issues on-the-fly on your website. This keeps your website constantly updated and compliant. Do you see how easy this is? 

This transforms your website’s accessibility by replacing a costly, manual process with automated, state-of-the-art AI Technology that constantly measures and fixes accessibility violations without requiring changes to your website’s existing base code.

Within 24 hour of payment, your Accessibility Interface (blue wheelchair button) will be ready so people with disabilities can customize their settings to make your website easier for them to use. This Accessibility Interface helps about 30% of your disabled visitors.

The AI Scanning & Updating Engine will be fully operational within 48 hours. This AI Engine helps the remaining 70% of your disabled visitors.

Now your website will be Fully Compliant with WCAG 2.x – AA, AAA standards for worldwide access so people can use their preferred screen reader and input device customized for them. When WCAG 2.2 and 3.0 come out, you will be automatically updated. Nothing to ever worry about.

Ready To Get Started? Great!

  • You learned how disabled people are very frustrated in trying to use websites and are asking for help.
  • You learned that’s there’s a simple way to fix your website to help them and to avoid lawsuits.
  • And you learned that an automated AI Compliance Engine is the easiest way to do it.

That’s why everything you need to help disabled people use your website, avoid ADA lawsuits, and increase your business in the process, is just a click away.

Just Click Here Now...

And I’ll get your Free ADA Web Scan to you in just 24 hours or less!

All Plans Include The Following:

Accessibility Statement & Certification

Compliant with international WCAG, ADA, Section 508, EAA/EN 301549 & More

GDPR & CCPA Compliant 

Automatic DAILY Monitoring and Scans

Monthly Accessibility Compliance Audits/Reports

Screen-Reader & Keyboard Navigation Adjustments

Interface Powered UI & Design Adjustments

Automatic Seamless Cloud Updates

Audios,Videos, PDFs and Documents should be transcribed/closed captioned.

It is recommended to have your audios transcribed, and videos to have closed captions added to them. If you would like me to do this for you, here is what I charge. Just CONTACT me below to get started.

  • $50 per video-minute up to 20 minutes
  • $25 per audio-minute up to 20 minutes

Let me know if you need a quote on longer videos/audios. 

Browser, OS, and Assistive Technologies Compatibility: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge and I.E 11 or above, JAWS and NVDA (screen-readers), both for Windows and for MAC users.

Please note: My accessibility tool will not change a thing for the majority of users. It will only be activated when turned on via the interface (or by a screen-reader if the user is blind), as an overlay to your website, and only for the user’s specific session. Therefore, it won’t affect your design, UI, videos, audios, PDFs, documents or performance at all. The entire process is automated – from remediation to becoming compliant. Additionally, I don’t collect user data, so I won’t affect your GDPR compliance.

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