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It’s All About Improving Your Bottom Line.

These days customers are in a hurry. With so many companies competing against each other, you need to grab and keep their attention and help them to make proper buying decisions.

You need to solve their problems with your solutions – in a “non-hypey” way. And your website is an important tool to do this, so make sure it is optimized/updated for lead attraction and sales.

Website Content Optimization, Progressive Web Copy, and Website Accessibility are three important tools that not only help generate leads and increase sales, but also expand the trust and confidence in your company.

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IMPORTANT: Make sure your site is ALSO usable for Disabled People or face new, expensive lawsuits. Click HERE to learn how to add Accessibility to your website.

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“No Pressure! I’m easy-going and easy to work with. Let’s Talk!”

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Hi, I’m Gary Franz, a freelance copywriter specializing in Progressive Web Copywriting & Research, Web Content Optimization, and Website Accessibility. Since 2007, I have worked with clients all over the world to help them achieve their goals, whether they are looking for more leads or an increase in sales.

The words on your website can make a dramatic difference in how fast your business grows… or fails. Let me help you…

        • Attract more visitors to your website
        • Turn those visitors into your perfect customers
        • Watch your bottom line grow higher and higher.

“I’ll Help Your Business Make Money!”

“Excellent work – Gary took the frustration out of communicating my message. Highly recommend. You won’t be disappointed.” -G. Hopkins, Canada

Join my hundreds of other clients around the world in letting me make your website pull in the profits like never before…

WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION – Attracts and Keeps Customers On Your Website
PROGRESSIVE WEB COPY – Instills Trust & Confidence In Your Company To Increase Sales
WEB ACCESSIBILITY – Become ADA Compliant & Help Disabled People Use Your Website While Avoiding Expensive Lawsuits.

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St. Petersburg, FL 33703 USA

My Copywriting web service company is based in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, and also in Rach Gia, Vietnam when we visit my spouse’s home town for 3 months each year. But don’t worry, I work all year long. Click this LINK to see a live video feed from our condo in Vietnam.


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